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  • 14 сентября - The Shindig / Carroll Park, Baltimore, MD
  • 26 сентября - Newcastle Casino,  Newcastle, OK
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  • 1 ноября - The Joint Hard Rock Hotels & Casino, Tulsa, OK
Американская рок-музыкант, гитаристка, вокалистка и продюсер Джоан Джетт доказала, что власть «...
Она бывала в «горячих точках» вроде Югославии, искала просветления в Индии, записывалась с Sex...

"A 100 Feet Away"

Just a little girl in love staring at a penthouse suite 
Waiting for the star above to come and join her 
On the street 
Maybe he'll want some company and she's got a dirty plan 
But he can disappear so suddenly better grab 'em while you can you better 
Standing in a lonely room high above the crowd below 
With no one there to share the gloom when 
Underneath begins to show 
Living in a world of fantasy can't let the image fall 
But he ain't the man he planned to be and he would 
Give it all 
For just a little girl in love someone who could share his day 
And just what he was dreaming of 
Was just a hundred feet away 
Just a little girl in love just a little girl in love 
There was just a little girl in love there was just a little girl in love
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